Sensor 105 Conversion tables
This software allows to convert a temperature into the thermo-electric voltages for different thermocouples and resistances (for Pt100/1000 bzw. Ni100/1000). This software allows, after setting the switching temperature, to determine the configuration of the switching transmitter LKM 105. Here you find conversion tables to convert temperatures into thermo-electric voltages or resistances. (ca. 2,80MByte) (ca. 3,75MByte) tables.pdf (ca. 100kByte)
Service Program for LKM263 / LKM264 including FTDI driver Service Program Data Collection LabView driver for DTM5080
Here you find the program to configure the transmitter LKM263 / 264 incl FTDI driver. Here you find the general-purpose data acquisition devices for LKM153, and DTM3000 DTM5080 (incl RS232 driver) LabView driver to integrate the DTM5080 in LabView (ca. 4,80MByte) (ca. 13,40MByte) (ca. 4,4MByte) (ca. 200kByte)
Instruction set for the various devices (ca. 26kByte)