Colors of cables for compensating cables

The compensating cables of different types of thermocouples specific colors are used. Although there is an European standard ( DIN IEC 485 ), still many cables are manufactured according to national standards. The following tables summarizes the most frequently used national standards.

national standards (pdf ca. 24kByte)

Polynomials for temperature calculations according to ITS90

For the calculation of temperatures based on the measured thermo-electric voltage at a reference temperature of 0°C polynomials of the order of upm to 14 are used. In the following table the polynomials are shown. Additionally, we provide the polynomials in a text file. From that you can incorporate them easily into your own software.

Polynome (pdf ca. 16kByte)

conversion Tables

Here you find the tables for conversion of temperature in thermolectric voltage or in resistors as PDF files for download.

Tables (pdf ca. 16kByte)