Glass measuring resistors

Glass measuring resistors
Glass measuring resistors consist of a platinum winding encased in glass. Due to the encapsulation, they are particularly temperature-stable and are therefore ideally suited for precise measuring tasks. The basic values and tolerances of the measuring resistors offered here comply with DIN EN60751. The operating temperature range is -250...450°C. Other designs and dimensions, higher accuracies as well as resistance values are available on request.

Type D* L* Price / Quantity
HG1110 1,1 10 on request
HG1310 1,3 10 on request
HG1810 1,8 10 on request
HG2025 2,0 25 on request
HG2713 2,7 13 on request
HG2716 2,7 16 on request
HG3018 3,0 18 on request
HG3025 3,0 25 on request
HG3030 3,0 30 on request
HG3038 3,0 38 on request
HG4030 4,0 30 on request
HG5008 5,0 8 on request
HG5012 5,0 12 on request
HG5030 5,0 30 on request
HG5060 5,0 60 on request
                                                                                                     * Specifications in mm

Ordering information for glass measuring resistors:

  • The above prices are for measuring resistors with platinum lead wires, but these prices may vary depending on the procurement costs for platinum. Please ask us for other desired designs and nominal values.
  • The prices are valid for tolerance class B according to DIN EN 60751 (±0,3°C) and 1xPt100 Ω according to DIN EN 60751.
  • Of course, we also supply other tolerance classes on request (e.g. Kl. A, 1/10 DIN). The specified values are valid for 0°C.
  • All measuring resistors are subject to geometric manufacturing tolerances. If space problems occur in your design, we will be pleased to send you the required values.
  • Please indicate the geometrical dimensions and the resistance value when ordering.
HG 1805 1,8x5mm
23,00 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
HG 2020 2,0x20mm
21,50 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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