Measuring resistors in thin film technology

Measuring resistors in thin film technology
Temperature sensors in thin-film technology consist of an Al2O3 carrier substrate to which a thin platinum layer is applied. This is structured by laser or by means of a stencil in such a way that the desired nominal resistance is achieved. The platinum layer is protected by a passivation layer. The connections are usually made of Ag5Pd. They are given additional tensile strength by a locking layer. Thin film sensors are mostly designed for use from -50...400°C (-200°C...1000°C special version). 
The basic values and tolerances of the measuring resistors offered here comply with DIN EN60751. They are inexpensive, have short response times and can also be manufactured in very small dimensions. Other versions for higher temperatures, higher accuracies or as SMD components are available on request.

Type R/Ohm W* L* Price
FM2133 1xPt500 2 5 on request
FM2101 1xPt100 2 10 on request
FM2131 1xPt500 2 10 on request
FM2141 1xPt1000 2 10 on request
* Specifications in mm

Ordering information for thin-film measuring resistors:

  • The prices are valid for measuring resistors with Ag5Pd lead wires (silver-palladium). Please ask us for other desired designs, as well as measuring resistors for higher temperatures.
  • The prices are valid for tolerance class B according to DIN EN 60751 (± 0,3°C). Of course we also supply other tolerance classes on request (e.g. class A, 1/10 DIN). The given values are valid for 0°C.
  • All measuring resistors are subject to geometrical manufacturing tolerances. If space problems occur in your design, we will be pleased to send you the required values.
  • Please indicate the geometrical dimensions and the resistance value when ordering.
FM 2103 2x5mm
3,90 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
FM 2105 2x2,3mm
Our standard price 4,50 EUR
Your price 4,10 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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